Who We Are?

We are a multi-talented team in creatives, consultants, entrepreneurs believing in little efforts for better and big outcomes. We resell, market, redesign products and services for the better market share.

We are a team, a group of like minded individuals for a success of each individual idea.

We built this industry on trust and partnership.

C.E.O. M.Hunter Leqela – Author of best seller book Tough Talk


Product and Service Excellence.


Responsible servicing.


To inspire others

To conquer

And pursue greatness


Hunter Leqela

Early in 2000 we started with standard printing service and photography. We explored music industry where we were doing music publishing and event services.

We embarked on selling data packages, logos and lay-out designs for publications.

We worked with lot of creatives including Lutho Mjindi, Scelo Matshingana and music groups, bands etc.

Consumer of our latest products and concepts are young entrepreneurs, youth andĀ  localĀ  businesses.

We aim to partner and engage with many big service providers for quality and affordability of our service.

Why Choose Us ?

We are driven by your satisfaction on quality of service. No job is too small or too big for us.

Our Services

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