Envoi Branding and Advertising Services

We change the corporate image of small business to be a re cognitive brand with distinctive logos in designs and online image.

On our branding services.


We design logos, letterhead designs and website designs.


Logo Design

  •  Original in-house design
  • Editing of existing logo
  • Additions on existing logo


Letterhead Designs


Lay-out Designs

  • Typing
  • Arrangement of content
  • poster designs and artworks


Advertising Service 


It is our pride the friendship and partnership we created with number of local media houses to benefit our clients.

We help your artwork be presented in the following media house through print and audio publications.


Print publications i.e Newspapers, Public Displays, flyers and business cards.

Newspapers: The Envoi, Ikhwezi, Fever and Informer.

Local Radio stations: ANCR,UCR, VOM and pre-recordings.

We conduct consultations, brand consciousness, SWOT analysis etc.



R699.99/once off

Free domain name and hosting

3 pages

2 e-mail addresses

free fax number



R999.99/ once off

Free hosting

3 pages

05 e-mail addresses

Fax to e-mail number


Best Seller

R1499.99/ yearly

domain name and hosting

5 pages and auto forms

5 e-mail addresses with fax numbers

maintenance and blog page