Our Services

  • Company Registrations
  • Photography- PlayFul Photo Studio
  • Publishing- Envoi Magazine
  • Branding
  • Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
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We offer all in one packages:


Our photo studios is equipped with state of the art lightning facilities for both video and still photography. We use latest equipment for both picture taking and editing.



We create interactive websites, design logos, create lasting impressions on lay-out designs.


We are a friend when it comes to publishing as we help you have your manuscript a book that you can touch and feel. We print as 20 copies a minimum and from editing to lay-out design. We offer peace of mind.


After we have established how small business struggles to turn customers to clients, we decided to take the burden of looking for just system for marketing methods by creating a center where you get advised and have all needed material done for you.


We are driven by excellence and customer satisfaction.

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With passion excellence is the normality




We are a company created to serve as a herald, messenger, the voice in French language Envoi is known as a carrier. It is also known as the diplomat, the representative.


We are driven with passion and love for the diversified media industry. We have a team of enthusiastic, dedicated members that know customer satisfaction is our ecstasy. 


Our customers are our partners.


We  believe  that a  satisfied customer never requests a discount but invest in our service.


We provide number of services as listed in the right page for more information feel free to contact our staff or visit our workshop on address provided.




     M.H.Leqela     Company Director